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Sleepose 7.5mg

Sleepose is a generic form of zopiclone. Each tablet exactly consists of 7.5 mg of zopiclone manufactured by Kachhela Pharmaceuticals.

 Zopiclone prescribes to treat insomnia. It helps patients to get sleep and stay asleep. Zopiclone will help you sleep, and it’s pretty common, but it does not usually last for long. Zopiclone is a sedative medication that helps stop you from waking up during the night. It is indicated for short-term therapy and symptomatic relief of insomnia. It disables chemicals in your brain that may cause insomnia. 


Reviews and Key facts of zopiclone

Sleepose is a generic type of zopiclone known by the brand name Imovane. Zopiclone is prescribed for just 2 to 4 weeks; treatment with zopiclone should not exceed 7-10 following days because your body gets used to it immediately, and after this time, it’s unlikely to have the same effect.

How to take zopiclone

Before taking zopiclone 7.5 mg, please read the printed label from the manufacturer. Zopiclone is usual to recommended one tablet (7.5 mg) to be taken just before going to bed. Take zopiclone exactly as your doctor tells you to, and do not take more than one dose during a single night.

Dosage and strength

Zopiclone is a Hypnotic (sleeping tablet) type of medicine, and it comes in strengths of 7.5mg and is also called Zimovane®. It usually takes around 1 hour to get started.

If you have kidney or liver problems, the doctor might suggest lowering your dosage of zopiclone, 7.5mg. These cases reduce the risk of excessive sleepiness and other side effects.

Can zopiclone cause side effects?

Along with their beneficial effects, most medicines can cause unwanted side effects. However, not everyone experiences them—the most common adverse side effects: headaches, dry mouth, bitter taste in your mouth, drowsiness. If these side effects bother you, please contact your doctor. most people using zopiclone for anxiety   


All these are not side effects of zopiclone. see the leaflet inside your medicines packet or read more information from this link:

Zopiclone(Sleepose) overdose

If you have missed a portion, at that point, skip and proceed with the routine dosing. It isn’t inspired to take a double dose or eat the missed dose near sleep time. If you skip taking medicine at bedtime, start the next night again.

By accident, if you overdose, the prescribed medicine, please contact your doctor or pharmacist   

Do not take any herbal medicines that make you feel sleepy while taking zopiclone.

Be careful when you use zopiclone with:

  • alcohol
  • CNS depressants
  • drugs affecting cytochrome P450 enzymes
  • opioids

Storage for zopiclone

  • Keep all medicines away from the children.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat and light.
  • Store in a dry place at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light.
  • Do not keep expired medicine or medicine no longer. 


100% Original pharmacy product from Kachhela Pharmaceuticals.

All Blister packs are airtightly sealed and expire up to 06.2023.

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